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Both sides Cone Middle Round Pie Pizza Cone Forming Machine With Rotational Pizza Oven 110V

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Both sides Cone Middle Round Pie Pizza Cone Forming Machine 110V


The new type of pizza machine and rotary oven are made of stainless steel. They are beautiful, clean and tidy. They are in line with the demand of the food industry. The molding machine adopts the linear motor, the advantages of compact structure, a fine car aluminum alloy mold molding, to ensure the smooth and neat symmetry of pizza dough. Far infrared heating rotary oven, fast, adjustable, is your product dry fast, comfortable taste, deeply loved by consumers.
Product Name Pizza Cone Forming Machine
Voltage 110V
Temperature Range 0- 300 degree centigrade
The quantity of molds 3

How to use

1. Forming machine:
a.Before use, first check the machine mold whether there is no foreign matter, and clean up.
b.Connect 110V city power and turn on the power switch on the right side of the machine. (leakage protector)
c.The right hand stop switch, the power indicator light (red) is bright, the stop switch is switched on, and the upper die is automatically raised.
d.Adjust the preset temperature of the thermostat on the mold (green heating, indicating the lamp after the temperature is reached).
e.Press the down key to test the machine.In order to adjust the pizza crust thickness ,let the above mold down to the bottom until touch the limit switch on the left side and stop the machine.
f. The digital time display controller. The molding forming time, to a specified time after the upper die.With automatic lifting and returning to original position.

After the above check, the good pizza dough can be evenly placed in the lower mold
Machines can make pizza containers!
The rising and inching keys are more convenient for the operation and adjustment of the production.


Reference Data
1 molding machine: The upper mold temperature about 200 degrees Celsius
The die temperature is about 190 degrees
Molding time is about 50 seconds (s)
2 rotating oven: The oven temperature is about 200 degrees
The temperature and the rotary speed is proportional to, and are
associated with pizza dough thickness.

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  • A set of Both sides Cone Middle Round Pie Pizza Cone Forming Machine 110V

Rotational Pizza Oven 110V



1.Stainless steel spring and sealed design in the oven makes the cones be heated more rapid, which will shorten the waiting time and improve the production.

2.The trays can be removed in order to bake bread and other food. One unit for multi-purposes.
Product Name Rotational Pizza Oven
Voltage 110V
Temperature Range 0- 400 degree centigrade
Quantity 10 cone pizzas every time
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  •  One set of Rotational Pizza Oven 110V (153132)


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