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Commercial Heavy Duty Automatic Electric Bread Slicer 1/2" 110v

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110V Automatic Electric Bread Slicer


  The machine is designed for high performance, it is a new type. It is compact in construction, good looking, and reliable running, operation easy and high in efficiency. It is an ideal machinery to slice for bread and cake in hotels, snack and food processing factory.

Operation and maintenance:

  1. Before use, check that power supply correspond to that required by machine, and the machine must be earthed.

  2.Get bread into pieces, suit the feed-size, and adjust press-plate to bread height.

  3.After used, clean the machine, as to avoid bactetria growth.

  4.Lubricate the bearing and slide pin occasionally by applying a small amount of oil or grease with tip of the finger.

  5. The machine is prohibited to cut melons and fruits, or other hard-food.

Detail of product:


Rated power:110V

Rated Voltage:250W

Rated Frequency:60Hz

The thickness of the slice:1.2cm/0.47inches

The number of the slice:31 pcs


Item Included:

1 *110V Automatic Electric Bread Slicer  (020256)


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